Argumentation and Modeling – The Teaching Channel Series

Jan 30, 2024

Here is a series of six videos about argumentation and modeling in early elementary classes. The AST team worked with the Teaching Channel to produce these videos as a part of the Deep Learning Labs, with funding from NSF.



Modeling in the Early Years – Overview

Critiquing & Revising Models: Structuring Whole-class Share-outs

Building Scientific Ideas with Interactive Read-Alouds


Scientific Argumentation in the Early Grades

>Agree Disagree T-charts: Supporting Claims with Multiple Sources of Evidence

Tools to Support Model-Based Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning

Also, we collected these as a playlist on our AST YouTube Channel here.



This series explores several Justice and Equity concepts within science education. The videos show students using their existing funds of knowledge and multiple means of expression while participating in scientific sense-making, rather than gathering known facts. To achieve this, teachers elevate divergent thinking, and contributions from communities that traditional science often neglects. This expands the notion of what counts as scientific ways of knowing and supports scientific work as a collaborative effort.

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