Critiquing & Revising Models: Structuring Whole-class Share-outs

Jan 9, 2024

See how two primary classrooms organize model share-outs in ways that move beyond “show and tell.” Purposefully selecting and sequencing how models are shared, and supporting students in noticing aspects of each other’s models, are key components.

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Selecting and sequencing can be geared toward elevating divergent thinking and contributions from students whose communities have not been recognized in science. This can push against narrow and harmful notions that there is one right answer, one way to engage in science, and one group of people who get to do so.


For more on structuring share-outs, the 5 practices framework can support teachers in selecting and sequencing student work: Cartier, J., Smith, M. S. S., Stein, M. K., & Ross, D. (2013). 5 practices for orchestrating task-based discussions in science. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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