All-in-one 1st grade inheritance unit

Students investigate a phenomenon where a kitten, “Creamsicle”, with cream fur is born to orange fur parents.  Readings and activities support students in making sense about patterns in inheritance.  Throughout the unit, students have multiple opportunities to create and revise their scientific models about Creamsicle’ fur color in light of evidence they collect from activities.  Ultimately, the model and explanation students create is to explain how and why Creamsicle could be born with cream fur; however, knowing the big science ideas behind the system allows students to explain multiple related events, including events in their own families. This unit was written by Colleen LaMotte and Amy Peterson in collaboration with University of Washington’s Ambitious Science Teaching Group and Highline Public Schools. Note: Teachers will want to be prepared to talk with students about multiracial and LGBTQ families and complement this curriculum with anti-bias curriculum. Links to resources are included in the unit.



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