Design an Experiment Template


Design an experiment about sound

This template can be used by students to 1) help give them choices about what kind of investigation to do, 2) make sure they know why their investigation might  help advance their explanations, 3) make sure the design is sound, 4) make sure they can make sense of their findings. The attachment is about an experiment testing the volume of an air horn at different distances and in different directions, using decibel-meter apps on students’ phones. Yes, it works and it’s cool.

Designing a study – The mystery of the yeast

The second attachment was given to 7th grade students the day after they argued whether a balloon affixed to the top of a bottle that contained water, sugar and yeast, had blown up because of carbon dioxide being produced, or because warm air rises and expands. The teacher is asking them to create an experiment that would test the hypothesis of their choice.


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