Teacher preparation or PD


Studio Model Template

Studio Days are a form of job-embedded professional development that take place during a school day. School teams develop a vision of “what is possible” in instruction and to take principled risks with practices. Multiple role-actors (classroom teachers, coaches, administrators [...]Read more

Structured Talk for How and Why Reasoning Change Package

The "Structured talk for how and why reasoning" change package provides an overview of the practice and how it supports student reasoning, tools teachers have used, and practical measures teacher have collected to deepen and localize the practice.Read more

A/B Partner Talk Protocol

This protocol was developed to scaffold equitable partner talk for how/why reasoning. It reinforces a culture of student talk in which ideas about science are worth probing, expanding, critiquing, and revising. This protocol has been particularly useful for teachers who … [...]Read more

3 Student roles to facilitate discussion about text

This tool helps students in small groups discuss a text. It also helps them learn how to do this more independently over time if it is used routinely. The beginning assumption in using this tool is that you have given … Read more

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